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Jun 30, 2016

 i should start a journal

Riggs is doing great. He will take a treat then just jump on my shoulder out of the cage. But then he goes to the floor and runs away, the guy is a real little explorer. I let him check out the bedroom for awhile. I been picking up some of my gliders (i mean my wife's gliders hehe), trying to get them less nervious about being picked up.
Big mama continues her long slow progress, letting me pet her and showing less interest in biting then ever before. Someday she won't run away when I pet her outside of the pouch and she doesn't have a treat.

before work took new glider out for a moment, mary took off to top of cage, but took a few treats without biting. gus sat on my hand and got a few yogurt drops. Gus is a great glider

journal time - had a small scare the other day. got home from work in morning and one glider was awake. so gave him a treat, next thing I know I have four looking for a few treats. I put them back in cage and started eating/dog walking/ and getting ready for bed. Right before bed, I did a quick head count (I had the cage door open awhile giving them treats and pets). 3 in pouch, 1 in food bowl and one in other pouch...5, I need 6.
I did the count 3 more times and only 5 gliders. looked over cage, and 5. just about the time I was going to call the wife with a missing glider alert... I spot number 6!!. We have a small plastic toy in cage, looks like a watering can for flowers. We put treats in the cans and they get the treat out going halfway in, but never have they gone all the way in, and he was sitting in it like he was driver a car. But I found him!

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