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Picky eater or moody baby?

Apr 19, 2017

 Picky eater or moody baby?

Im a new sugarglider owner. I've noticed B.B. refused to eat food i've baught from pet shops that are for sugargliders. She only wants 1 kind and i dont have the money for shipping and ordering it or she would have it. But she only wants apples, grabes, and her "crack" ( honey) she wont eat almost anything else besides small bites of meat. And ive also noticed she sometimes acts like when we first got her, like crazy crabbing and trying to bite, she bit my husband a few weeks ago and she is extreamly moody...anyone have any idea on what to do...


Apr 25 2017 : 06:29:15 PM
Hey Im new to this site so Im not sure how this comment journal thing works, But Im not new to the glider world Ive had 8 gliders anyway - is BB spayed seems like it could be hormones Im a vet tech & thats what 1st came to my mind about her being moody, my females got moody they werent spayed but the males were neutered. Im down to 1 glider my blossom ive had him for 1 yr and he bites me doesnt let me hold him he is a cage pet im trying to work with him again slowly... For food i do all my food ordering from granite state gliders shipping is affordable granite state is were i got blossom. hope this helped e mail me anytime for glider help mandeemottola@yahoo

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