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Aug 9, 2017


Hi, I just got my first glider Monday from a friend who didn't have time for him. When I first open cage and try and get him out, he makes a loud noise. I'm guessing he's stressed. Is this typical? I've been wearing him in bonding pouch. Any other suggestions to help him adjust to his new home?

He is 1 1/2 yes old. He's been by himself all this time. But I'm considering getting him a buddy once he adjusts to new home. Good or bad idea? Thanks in advance for thoughts/recommendations!


Aug 13 2017 : 05:39:12 PM
a buddy would be awesome for him most likely, sometimes a glider doesnt want a buddy but I think that is very rare. sounds like you need to do a lot of ready on gliders to be able to introduce 2 and bond with them, good luck.

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