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Sep 22, 2011

 Fruits we are going to let the baby try today...


We'll see how it goes! Mav already doesn't like strawberries, the booger.

Sep 16, 2011

 Nyx: Day Four

Nyx is doing well. She is still apprehensive of me, but I understand. She's eating great, sleeping like a champ, and will be going to the vet soon. I'm thinking about getting her a scale to monitor her weight and see when she can be put with Maverick.

Unlike Maverick, she lovessss frozen fruits and veggies.

Sep 14, 2011

 Nyx: Day Three

She has calmed down quite a bit. We left her alone for two days to settle in. Today was the first day she took something from my hands (yoggie) without lunging at me or crabbing. I think she's getting used to my presence and my scent

Foods she likes so far:
-LOVES the HPW diet (good)

Didn't touch:
-natural applesauce

PM: less lumping and fell asleep in pouch on my lap

Aug 18, 2011

 Love this site!

I'm just very appreciative for this site. I mean...I did EXTENSIVE amounts of research before getting my baby, but having this site to ask people about their personal experiences and suggestions has been so much better!

Just wanted to say thank you everyone! :) And Mav says thanks too 'cus he's a healthier, HAPPIER glider thanks to you guys
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