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Sep 22, 2017

 My glider is walking funny and not jumping around

Hi , my glider bossco is almost a year when i got him he was very heathy and active then he started walking weird his legs go out straight to the side his stomach drags on the ground I know he can bend his arms but yet he still walks with his arms staight out it only happens on a flat surface or on the bottom of his cage he. He also can jump he used to be very good at jumping now he can't even jump around his cage I'm very concerned I want. To take him to the vet but it's quite far and want to know if it's worth going please help me I'm very worried.!!

Mar 9, 2017

 Can I feed my glider dried cranberrys and quick minute oats ?

My glider loves oats and dried cranberrys but I'm not sure if they are good for him he is a baby and he hates pretty much everything and the thing he does like he gets sick of eating them any ideas ?
Mar 9, 2017

 Help! My glider has food in his fur and I can't get it out !!

My glider has some food in his fur and I have tried almost everything and nothing is working , I gave him a bath , tried to brush it out and I'm scared to cut it out because it's behind his ear . It doesn't seem to bother him , what do I do ...?
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