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Single mom, premature joey

May 29, 2020

 Single mom, premature joey

We adopted a trio (1 male 2 females,not fixed) not to long ago and were having issues with the females fighting. We separated the females with the plan to introduce a new friend later. Well the original pair got pregnant, yay!. The problem is the single female got pregnant as well. Both are fine and healthy.

Up to a few days ago tje single moms joey was in pouch and ok. Last night we noticed a tail and back side of the joey out of pouch. Momma was trying to get the joey back in. Joey was still attached.

Tonight things have changed. The joey is oop. Its ears are up, but momma seems to be more interested in running on her wheel the being a mom. Held the joey just fine, put back in pouch and mom would go in for a second then leave.

When holding the joey and mom she would clean and the Joey tries to feed but mom moves on.

Not sure what to do.


Jun 04 2020 : 01:10:56 PM
I've had the case, and was a bit surprised to see her so often far from her joey, but as long as you don't notice the joey is losing or not gaining weight, it works just fine and it means she does take care anyway.

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