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Feb 19, 2012


Last night I was making the ball pit & scratched my eyeball, so I didn't write a journal, but I have lots to write about today.

First in case I didn't journal it, lil' buddies name is Cab (for Cabernet/Taxi Cab & my son can say it :P ). Second he ate all of the fruit smoothie & veggie relish. Gave him the first mix I made again last night & he ate most of that too (only left a teaspoon!).

As stated, scratched my eyeball last night and had to go to the dr/ER. They numbed my eye, dyed it, looked at it with a black light, washed it, then numbed it again. We finished the ball pit today lol.

I met Cora and took her the fleece for my girls, I am going to go see them hopefully tomorro but def sometime this week. She said she gave them some of the fleece already; Brandy crabbled a little but the other two kept eating their mealies-yay!

I also weighed Cab tonight and he only weighs 52 grams. I think that he's younger then the PPP told me.

Trying to find more toys I can make him/figure out how to sew the fleece.

Guess that's about it. I'm sooo ready to move and get settled in so that I can have everything ready for my girls; Also setting up his vet appointment (since it had to be canceled) for this wed.


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