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Twin Joeys Different Sizes

Apr 7, 2020

 Twin Joeys Different Sizes

I got my first sugar glider in January. I was told that she was about 4 month old. In late February early March I realized that she had 2 joeys in her pouch. She was taking care of both joeys up until last week. One is a lot smaller than the other and she wasnt letting him nurse. So now Im taking care of one 24/7 and she has the other. Should I be worried that the one Im taking care of is smaller than the one she has??


Apr 09 2020 : 01:30:40 PM
because of how young the momma is she probably wasn't ready to have joeys and the mothering instincts havent come in yet. I don't think that its bad that one joey is smaller its probably just because of the lack of nurture it got. If you keep taking care of him then he should gain weight and become more healthy. good luck! stay safe!

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