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Bonding- Next steps?

Sep 6, 2018

 Bonding- Next steps?

I got my girls on Saturday, and things are going very well. They let me pet them in the bonding pouch, and are comfortable with me during tent time, and will even fly onto my face, haha!

What are my next steps regarding bonding? Do I start to teach them to come to me before I move to the bathroom (out of the tent)? I will keep doing what I am doing currently, but I just want to know for future reference, what to progress to and when.


Sep 07 2018 : 12:48:27 PM
sounds great to me. If you can pick them up without them biting you, you are set. have them sleep during day in your shirt. night time they will run and explore may not spend tons of time with you, just a quick visit then they run and explore. during daytime they should sleep with you in pouch or shirt. Once they walk on you with no fear, maybe groom your neck or hair, let you scoop or pick them up you are buddy approved.

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