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Dec 7, 2018

 My happiness

Dec 1, 2018

 Currently being stalked

Bubbie is loose and playing around the living room. Now he's stalking me. I'm either going to get face kisses or I'm going to be groomed. He takes my hair down before grooming me. This happens after he has gotten his worm. He takes it out of my hand, then hangs upside down on the side of the couch to eat it. Then he starts stalking me. He's so funny sometimes. I love my little guy.
Nov 30, 2018

 Mommies day off

So today was one of my day's off. Bubbie of course has to be in my pocket. We cleaned the house first. Then went and done laundry. After laundry, we went and hung out at another bar that I do not work in. He got to see a lot of people he knows. The bartender of course gave him his cherry. As long as I'm within sight, he goes from person to person to say hi and give kisses. We do this once a week. We are home before dark. Socializing your suggie is important. Especially when you don't want them biting anyone. Bubbie bites nobody. Just a tip.
Nov 17, 2018

 Bubbie goes to work

Being the assistant manager of 5 bars means I often have to go deal with things on my days off. I have to go wait on a vendor shortly. Bubbie of course will go with me. Bartenders and customers know him very well and always enjoy seeing him. There are a few he will actually leave me to go say hi to. He always comes back to me when I tell him bye bye. I started socializing him at about 9weeks old. I didn't want him being scared of the different places and people that have to go and deal with. He has never bitten anyone. He's only bit me twice. I don't have to force him in my pocket to go anywhere. He enjoys going out with mommy. He even gets out of my pocket in the Jeep and gets behind me on the headrest to look around. When we get to where we are going, he gets right back in my pocket with no problem. I don't have to worry about losing him anywhere. He even goes to the beach with me. He likes smelling the air. I enjoy taking him with me when I can. I spend as much time as I can either at home or wherever I need to go.
Nov 16, 2018

 My little pocket baby

I'm on my 3 days off. As usual, bubbie is in my shirt pocket asleep(at the moment). We had some errands to run today and it's funny to see the looks from people when he decides to poke his head out. I enjoy spending my days and nights off with him. He's my baby and a big part of my world.

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