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May 19, 2009

 Hunka Hunka Burnin Love!

Went to Graceland today. And yes, it's awesome!

Apr 11, 2009

 Small change to journal

Made a change to the landing journal page. Instead of just displaying titles and links to recent journal entries, the actual entries are displayed. It's like a big community type blog thing.
Oct 4, 2008

 Logos of Christmas past

Here is a collection of logos and themes the site has experienced over the years.

St. Patrick 2008

April Fools day

Harry Potter movie 5

and book 7

Valentines 2007

Halloween 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Christmas 2007

St. Patrick

New Year 2004

Rockin Glider

Summer time



Earth Day

Halloween 2006


Harry Potter movie 4

Mardi Gras

American Idol Soul Patrol (that's supposed to be gray hair)

Spider man movie

Another April Fools (slow transition from glider to gerbil)


Christmas 2006


Halloween 2003

Christmas 2003

Jul 5, 2008

 Archived forum today

The forum was archived, at least partially. Every so often posts are "archived" to keep the forum running smoothly. The archived posts can be found here . Note, this is an archival feature of the current forum software and is seperate from the "archives" of past forums found in the Resources menu at the top of the page. Also, only the sugar glider forum is archived, and the current forum is the the last 6 months of posts.
Apr 16, 2008

 Slow site

There was an article on AOL yesterday, April 15th, that mentioned sugar gliders. The article linked to a web search of the term "sugar gliders" and this site was at the top of the list. The influx of people really made the site slow for everyone.

The incident was quite confusing at first. Checking the server logs revealed a lot of traffic coming from a very specific search on AOL's site. My first thought was that the referral information was faked, as it's easy to do and is strangely used as a form of spam. Thankfully the huge influx of traffic was legitimate. Unfortunately it messed up the site for everyone, including those new people that were here looking for information. [^=^]

Here is a graph of outgoing traffic. It started at around 7PM central time. By midnight traffic had slowed down a bit. The plateau between 7 and 10 is due to 100% saturation of our outgoing bandwidth. Our internet connection just couldn't go any faster. [V]

Oct 26, 2007

 A return to this site's origin

Originally, this site served as an online journal for Kazko, months before a forum was added. I think it's only appropriate that I use this nasty font for this post as this is the font originally used all over this site over 10 years ago. In the upcoming days (weeks really) I'll be posting some screen shots of the site over the years along with a bit of history on how things have changed.

So, here we have a journal system, which I put together over the last few weeks. There is definitely room for improvement, such as adding a search feature, and you'll probably find a few bugs too. [:)]

There are many online journals, or "blogs" as they're referred to these days, and this isn't meant to be a substitute for any of them. You'll find this doesn't have as many features, and this simplicity is by design. Traditional journals are simply paper and pen, so by that measure, this is already more complex than it needs to be.

So why yet another online journal? Kazko made me create it. Other than that, I think this has real potential. I have an account on and I've only made one journal entry. For me, it has been an inconvenience to go to yet another website to chronicle my thoughts. I visit this site on a daily basis, so I think I'll be more likely to actually write something. Time will tell if this convenience holds true for anyone else. Even if you do maintain an online journal elsewhere, it may be practical to maintain a sperate journal here dedicated to sugar glider antics. The people that stumble upon your journal on a journal-mega-sites may not be as appreciative, understanding, or crazy like that people that visit this site. And let's be honest, this site is all about the crazy.

There are some nifty journal features I would like to talk about. You can backdate your entries, which is what I've told Kazko he has to do with his original journal on this site, and as of this post hasn't been completed. You can enable and disable commenting for your journal entries. For privacy, there are two options. You can make an entire journal entry private. This means only you can read it. This allows someone to chronicle the life and times of their animals as a matter of private record keeping. The second privacy option is a new formatting icon, , which is a [private] tag. Anything within the beginning and ending 'private' tag becomes private to you. It's as easy as highlighting what you want to be private, and then clicking the button. Anything made private in this manner will appear with a blue background with blue text so it stands out. This only works in journal entries, not in comments. The 'private' tag was a request by Kazko with the intention of keeping things like names, phone numbers, and addresses private, without breaking continuity of thought within a journal.

So, that's it for now. I have some painting to do.

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