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A few questions

Jan 13, 2017

 A few questions

Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place or if this is to long. Okay, so currently I don't have any sugar gliders, I have a 4 year old Syrian Hamster who is 2 years older then his expected life span and he's slowing down a bit. And I'm looking to get a new little friend. I was completely set on getting a pair of dumbo rats but saw these little guys and was intrigued. I've read everything on the Internet from how you need two of them, a massive cage, plenty of toys, the proper diet, how you have to bond with them and until you do so they might crab at you and bite. All of which I am okay with, I have always loved animals and know the time it takes to bond with them, I've had many pets (still do) I've had llamas, chickens, Guinea pigs, horses, doves, bunnys, mice, cats, dogs, doves, button quail, goats, a puffer fish, other weird fish and tons more all of which I've spent days after days taming and bonding to, even my pet chicken I tamed to where she would follow me around and just want to be cuddled all day. Of course I've been spat on, kicked, stomped on, pecked, bitten, but that's just all part of the experience. I deeply apoligize for my rambling, haha. Anyways I still have a couple questions about sugar gliders that I was hoping you guys could answer. I can't find any information on what it's like having a sugar glider after you have bonded with them. Do sugar gliders like to be pet or do they run away when you pet them? Do they seem to have a bond with you as you do to them, or are you more of their personal moving tree? How long do they let you hold them until they run somewhere else? And if they are in your room are they more interested in playing with you or are they looking for ways to escape and little holes in the wall they can disappear into? Also if you do occasionally wake them up during the day will they be angry and crab and bite, or do they just happily see what you want? Sorry if some of these questions seem a bit weird, and long, I just really want to research before I pick what kind of pet my new little friend should be. Thank you :)


Jan 17 2017 : 01:05:36 PM
hello and welcome :) To post questions go to glider gossip and click on new topic. I am also somewhat new to sugar gliders and like you I have had many other types of pets. Sugar gliders are very unique and fun. to answer your questions, basically it all depends on the glider. Some gliders bond faster than others. I have had Minnie for 3 months. Last night we had a breakthrough where I could walk around the house and she stayed on me. Bonding takes time and is achieved with baby steps. Her favorite thing to do during playtime is jumping from the top of my head to a towel rack and back on the top of my head. she will do this over n over. She lets me pet her but I have to go slow. Bonding is really just building a relationship between you and the glider so it is always ongoing. As with other animals it is well worth the time and patience. good luck

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