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Concerned new parent.. Too much time with my glider?

Apr 2, 2018

 Concerned new parent.. Too much time with my glider?

I have a new baby glider 10 weeks oop,
She's been in my home for just short of two weeks. When she first come to my home I gave her two days to adjust using the fleese patches with my scent on them. After that I've been wearing her in a bonding pouch 4 hours a day and spending about an hour with her either in the cage or with her in an empty bath tub (so I don't worry about her running off) . She doesn't crab very often at all. But she isn't interested in any treats I've tried. And has been sleeping more and more hours of the night. I work a night shift so I'm up until around 2 or 3 and she is still sleeping. And she's asleep when I wake at noon... When she first came to my home she would be awake while I was trying to sleep.. I'm concerned I'm stressing her out.. Any tips or advise would be appreciated.


Apr 09 2018 : 10:55:56 AM
I wouldnt be too cancerened about spending too much time with your pet, not sure too much time with them is even possible. Just keep doing what your doing and if anything less time in the bonding pouch. Does she have a friend or is she in there all by herself? Ive heard they can sometimes get a little depressed if they have noone else in the cage with them, theyre very social creatures.

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