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Dec 23, 2022

 My sugar glider has a golf ball size swelling above genitalia

I am at a loss my boy banana is 5 years old on BML diet I rescued him from a pretty bad situation. He had shown no signs of any illness till last month he started to cry when using bathroom & swelling began above (two balls one bigger then the other) he was on antibiotics for 14 days. It didnt get better. Swelling got bigger. So back to vet. They test his poop for parasites & it was negative. She said swelling can be the intestines from him constantly straining?? On the way to vet he prolapses & they couldnt get it in with just a sugar soak. So they had to stitch it & give meds to help him poop smoother with pain/ anti inflammatory meds. 6 days later he showed such a good progress till today. Its back to the swelling size it was day one & he is crying again when using bathroom. Stool is liquid. He is eating okay. Not his normal self much more picky. He has another appointment with another vet on Tuesday for x rays. I have his meds still & will continue till then

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