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Feb 3, 2020

 Sugar glider diet

Hi there, I was just curious, what do you all feed your sugar gliders? What diet do you have them on? I have a 1 year old male sugar glider and I was given a certain nectar recipe to feed him every night by the breeder I brought him from but I feel like its doing worse than good, especially because hes recently started having diarrhoea. So I just wanna know what you all feed your sugar gliders so I can improvise and see whats wrong. Thank you

Dec 18, 2019

 My sugar glider wont bond to me

Hi. I have always wanted a sugar glider and we were offered one from a breeder, he was 9 months old and we were told that he would be easier to bond with and be more suitable for us. Although its been 2 months since I got him and he absolutely hates me. He bites whenever I try to hold him or touch him (and his bites hurt a lot) he will do everything possible to avoid me. Ive tried everything! Ive even contacted the breeder for help and she ignored all my messages. What do I do? Is it too late? Is he too old now?
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