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Tips or suggestions?

Nov 18, 2017

 Tips or suggestions?

So, Ive had my glider Chi Chi for about a year now, and shes about 2 years old. She was free roam after she was out of the pouch and now has been living in a cage for about a year and a half. She is still very aggressive when it comes to handleing her at all, or even giving her treats and food. She was bonded to her sister but then they got separated when they were sold. My friend had her bonded to another female and after about six months or so of doing fine together she turned on the other female and killed her. Recently we got a male and they seem to be getting along pretty well, in separate cages. We switched their pouches, she has an open faced and he came with a zippered one, and put the pouch on and she did nothing but crab and shake. Does anyone have any suggestions tips or tricks on how my boyfriend or I could better bond with her? Wed like to be able to bond the two, but are concerned with grabbing her if something bad were to happen, or if they mate wed like to be able to check the babies and handle her.


Nov 26 2017 : 10:19:13 AM
Have you tried starting all over again with just one of you hold her,feed her,ect.just till she can trust again.mabbie if you use her bonding cloth to handle her.if she sees that your not pulling back when she crabs,or bites.idk just a suggestion

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