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Aug 31, 2017

 Help now

Help guys, I've recently bought my 4th of these after my 3rd died after just 2 months... (been only 2 days with my new baby) and named it Gus (it's a dude) so I've been finding lots of cool stuff to do with the boy and I just found the best thing. I put him on my ceiling fan and slowly turn up the speed till he falls off then I catch him. So it's like a 10ft ceiling, pretty high so about 10 mins ago I was watching him up there until I got a text, awnsered it and all of a sudden the silly thing wasn't there, I stepped forward to find him and crunch. :( Im a big guy (6'4, 260lbs) and i think I really really hurt the thing :/ he hasn't moved and I think he is in serious trouble as I lifted him up and he wouldn't flip over to be on all fours he just lays on his back and hardly has his beautiful eyes open. Should I call the vet or just give him treats/ food and water till he's better!?? I'd hate to have to buy another one that would be my 4th in 8 months they keep getting themselves into accidents or randomly getting really sick.


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