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New sugar glider dad - Need help

Jul 1, 2021

 New sugar glider dad - Need help

So I recently bought myself a pair of sugar gliders, their names are Monte and Whiskers. They are brother and sister, I got them last Saturday and today is Wednesday. I work quite a bit, and I find it hard to spend time with them because they wake up late and I wake up so early. So I try to spend my time with them a little bit after they wake up. But they are so shy to me, it's impossible to get them to come to me at the cage, and when they are out and I come close to the cage the boy usually runs back into his pouch. I rarely ever see the girl out, and to be honest, I'm having a really really hard time distinguishing the two apart. The boy is fixed. I don't know what to do to bond, for one, I'm afraid to take them out of their pouch because if I even come near their pouch they both crab at me, and I'm not going to lie it scares me every time. I have bought a tent for me to spend time with them and bond with them but I just don't know how to get them in there without placing the whole cage inside the tent and then opening their cage door. I really want to bond with them they are just so shy, I bring them treats and try to talk to them calmly and soothingly but they are just not warming up to me. They are joeys and they have only been oop since march. I'm just lost and feeling kind of down about it, I just really have no idea how to get them into the tent to bond to them. I can't even put any fleece inside their pouch because they are always in it. I'm confused and really need help. Thanks!


Jul 11 2021 : 02:26:59 PM
Dont let this get you down, my gliders were similar. You have to remember youre their parent! Don't be afraid of them! They can really sense your fear. My baby didnt stop crabbing at me for over a couple months it takes time. Keep spending time with them just in the pouch, youre not bonded enough for the tent yet. They are just as afraid of you as you are afraid of them when they crab. It takes time, keep them in the pouch for now take them out of the cage in their pouch and just pet them outside of the pouch and tightly hold them. They need to learn that youre their parent now and holding them nice and tightly (but not too tight) in your hands while they are in the pouch simulates the feeling they have with their mama, they shouldnt bond to the pouch they should bond to YOU! Youre doing great! I believe in you

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