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New home for my 2 sugar gliders (boys)

Mar 31, 2017

 New home for my 2 sugar gliders (boys)

Hello everyone!
I live in Virginia and I would like to find my 2 sugar gliders a new home. I travel a lot and it is getting really hard to find somebody that is willing to feed and spend time with them when I am out of town. I will include all of the glider supplies (a large cage, 1 small travel cage, 3 big wheels, 1 bonding pouch, 1 hammocks, and some food and snacks).
Please contact me if you are interested and willing to take care of my 2 suggies.

Thank you :)


Apr 01 2017 : 12:03:47 AM
I may be interested. I could not figure out how to respond so I emailed you. I just figured out to make a comment. Anyhow, I live in Maryland and am home most of the time. I have been looking into adopting a Glider. I have a few questions for you. Mainly, how does one get a grown Glider to bond to them?

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