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Oct 26, 2007

 New improvements with Rascal

Well this is real exciting. This Jounal thing must be fairly new, or I must be fairly slow, I never noticed it before.

I'm so excited about Rascal. Chatter has always been my sweet little tamed bra baby. Rascal has always been...well, a little rascal. He likes to bite and crab and run around, and be just plain naughty. He's starting to calm down! Woo Hoo! I've actually been carrying him around with chatter in my I have two bra babies. When I don't have them with me, I feel like I have "empty breast syndrom"! And the best news is that Rascal hasn't bitten anyone for quite a long time! He's finally getting settled in! I hope they both keep up the good work. Or, I hope I keep up the good work, rather. One of us is doing something right. Whatever it is, it's working. I think the biggest thing is patience.

I've enjoyed Kazko's diets. There are a lot of different ideas there and it's been fun to experiement with the different foods. I think my son is starting to become jealous because I never spent that much time in the kitchen for him. :)

I guess that's all for today. My 9 year old puppy is having nightmares and I'm missing out on my little bugs playing.


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