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Im stressing out!!!!

Oct 14, 2018

 Im stressing out!!!!

Guys, I went on a getaway with my boyfriend leaving my sweet Izzy with my mom for the first time since Ive had her. Shes very familiar with my mom. Well my mom just called to tell me how she was but she says oh. She comes right to me with pellets in my hand well the funny thing is, it hasnt been pellets at all because she will only go to strangers with treats. ITS BEEN YOGIS. She has been putting 15-20 yogis in her food bowl since Ive been gone and no pellets at all. I sent her a picture of the bowl with all of her food to refer too and also wrote down step my step instructions and the name of things and she still didnt get it right. Izzy has been eating these yogis for 2 nights. Im scared she is going to be thrown off of her eating habits when I put her back on the pellets tomorrow night. Should i be worried or will she be okay?


Oct 18 2018 : 01:44:20 PM
well, she'll be disappointed but she'll get over it after a few days

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