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Jun 24, 2010

 Charlotte top 50...hope she wins!

Please continue to vote! We need to get her as top pet of arizona!!! heehee she made the 1st cut: top 200, She made the 2nd cute: top 50, and now i wanna see the 3rd cut: Charlotte wins top pet of arizona!!

You can vote once a day PER e-mail, so you can use as many emails as you want. THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH xoxox

Jun 12, 2010

 She made Top 200, i can't believe it!

I still can't believe she made it to round two! I really think we may have a chance to win this! :D You can vote once a day per email. So use as many emails as you can. Thank you all for helping use into round two, I am really hope'n to make it to round 3, and then take the win!!

here is the link to vote, Thanx again *hugs*
Nov 22, 2009

 havent ben on in forever!! GOOD NEWS THO!

i bf asked me to marry him on halloween!! :)we r gettn married next halloween! omg im so excited!
Sep 29, 2008

 So she escaped again!!

thank god my dad found her in a bird house next to her cage. lil terd i dunno how she keeps getting out! lol
Sep 16, 2008

 Also my bike horn thingy..

that i did with my baby. a while back and people yelled at me for doing saying it was cruel (people on here) it worked. she is the sweetest thing now.

she does not bite anymore. now she licks :)

so it works in the long run! :D
Sep 16, 2008


I knew this day was comeing, i've had nightmaresa bout it for months.

So i wake up hearing my dad yelling,at my dog. im like what going on. my dad said he saw my baby hopping around the floor (lol) and that when he casme down to see what it was my one dog kayla ran after her. it took us a good 10 min to get he down from the top of the drapes. she wouldnt go to my dad ( i think she hates him haha cuz she only bites him now )

it was funny cuz when i went to put her into the cage she lept off my boobs ontop my dads face and then she sum how got on the floor and in one sec ran up my body and into her cage. haha.

never again will this happen, i dunno how she got out all the door r latched to her cage, im thinking she got out from the bottom of her cage.
Jun 5, 2008

 search for a glider..not good

not going good at all :(
May 27, 2008

 up the pants

Oliver ran up my sisters pants last night and was biten her butt.

poor lil guy was scared for like 10 min after!

but he is okay now.
May 26, 2008

 How to get your glider to stop bite'n!

Thus may sound mean but it works.

I read this on a website, you get a bike horn.

and EVERYTIME your glider bites hold the horn against your tummy (so it is not as loud) and squeek it.

I have been doing this with my glider for 3 days and he no longer bites knuckles and elbows. THANK GOD! cuz when he bit you he did NOT let go, and it hurt like hell.

Last night my dad was laying doqwn in the tent during play time and Oliver ran across his leg and what do ya know oliver bit him. lol i guess now we r ganna have to have him climb on legs and feet and show him not to bite there.

But it works! YAY!
May 22, 2008

 Bite'n Oliver!

he keeps biting! and i read that when they bit they will let go...not OLIVER! he does **NOT** let go half the time. I hope he stops soon. We will try everything / anything to make him stop biting!

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