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Nov 6, 2017


Hey guys! So I just got my new sugar glider about a week and a half ago. Is going really well and there has been huge improvement but I just have one quick question. So my glider, hazel, will climb all over me when we play in the bathroom. Bear is still a little bit too shy to come out, which I understand, but I was wondering, hazel always bites my fingers even when she's the one climbing on them. She doesn't bite anywhere else. She always draws blood. I'm not super worried or anything but do any of you have any suggestions?


Nov 07 2017 : 10:51:25 AM
she smells your ham sandwich from lunch and thinks it would taste good so gives it a bite? steak dinner? You want to see a glider get excited, I pet some from one colony then go to the other colony, old red eyes skips the mealworm and starts sniffing all over, I stay away from bite distance or feel I may get a BIG bite. That's my thought.

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