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Aug 3, 2009

 One step closer

So far I have had my suggies for little over a month... and over the time I have had some bonding problems since I first got them. Espically with my male. He dosn't wan't to be bothered with me. I know he is not entirely scared of me, because he takes treats out of my hand through the cage. When I get my hand near him he crabbs and flashes his teeth at me sometimes. If you have any tips PLZ post a comment.

Anyways.. Me and my female are really making progress as far as bonding. she climbed on my body and took a ride this morning for the first time without biting me. Next step gliding to me !

Jul 29, 2009

 Roll About Lilo

Today I took my female suggie Lilo out to play in her roll about ball. She was so amazed inside of it. i spun her around and she had a BLAST

Jul 28, 2009

 Common Question

I know this i a common question but... I need some bonding tips. I would like to become closer to my female. Espically my male. He is scared of me alot. Please post some comments.
Jul 27, 2009

 A lilttle help?

i have had my gliders for around 2 weeks now, and my male is still scared of me. His sister seems to be adjusting to me very well, she just nips alot. Right now I have two quetions. Is my female nipping at me because she is not fully used to me. And around when will my male start to settle down? Thanks
Jul 25, 2009

 Squirrel Gliders

Ok. I have been hearing about these things called squirrel gliders. I hear they'r similar to suggie but are bigger. If anyone on this site has a pair, post a comment. I would like to learn more. Right now I have a pair of regular suggies.
Jul 23, 2009

 First Flight

Early this morning I took my gliders out into my bathroom to spend a little quality time with them. Suprisingly she climbed onto my shower curtain and was gliding off of it. I wasn't expecting it considering that I jjust got her about a week ago. I might take her brother out a let him glide. He is just so shy
Jul 21, 2009

 My Suggies

I just got 2 gliders (lilo and Stitch) they are brother and sister. Lilo is very playful and optimistic but her brother is not quite so bold yet. Whenever I try to pick him up he goes starts crabbing at me like he wants to be left alone. Lilo loves the exercize wheel and Playing with me. But she nips me alot. If anyone has any tips to get them from stop nipping at me so much, feel free to post a comment!

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