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4 Females, 2 Males ?

Jul 4, 2019

 4 Females, 2 Males ?

I have a colony of a male, a female and their two daughters. They recently had twins - a girl and boy. I would like to keep both of them because they are very sweet but I dont know if it would work out between the father and son. Soon Im going to get the father neutered and then also the son before he matures. Would they be able to live together or would they fight to be the dominant glider? I know some male gliders are fine living together, it just depends on their personality.


Jul 10 2019 : 06:26:23 AM
usually there are no issues between fathers and sons inside a colony, especially if they are neutered, providing theee is enough space and enough resting spots to allow everyone to spend some time alone if they want to

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