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Female hissing

Jan 23, 2020

 Female hissing

For some facts- the female is about 6 months old and the other three are; two females just turned one year. And one male thats 7years old.

I have a female sugar glider, and three other sugar gliders. The female is all by herself in her cage, and the other three in a separate cage. I got the three others to make sure I was doing the right thing, and kept their cages close but not so they could reach at each other. I tried swapping some of their stuff in each cage for the sent, and then finally decided to introduce them. I set up a tent, and put all four in, and the single female attacked them all. I then tried one at a time and only left the female and one of the others, and she still attacked them.

So I stopped waited about a month and during that month kept swapping items in their cage, for them to get used to each others scents. Ive tried switching them in their cages and letting the three go in hers and she goes in theirs.

I tried again but was too afraid to let her near them. So I held her back, and right before I put one of the females away, she opened her mouth stuck out her tongue and made some sorta hissing noise.

Im not sure what else to do. And I was looking for some advice or what her hissing means. Please help!!


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