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Pine litter

Apr 16, 2017

 Pine litter

Hi so I need help on bedding, I have 2 gliders a male and female and they smell but it's starting to be unbearable. The male is not neutered so I'm not sure if it's that or their pee ,is pine litter okay or no? I'm currently using natural pine bedding from Walmart but that's doing 0 justice can anyone please help on how I can get the odor down?? Thanks!


Apr 17 2017 : 09:55:06 AM
intact males smell LOT more. neutering will help a lot I have been told. some wood is very bad for gliders. we use newspaper or equine pelletized pine bedding, the process of making it makes it safe for gliders, but it leaves house smelling like hamster cage. ONLY clean a part of cage, cleaning ALL of cage will make them mark more and smell more.

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