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May 16, 2018

 Bad day

I have 4 sugar gliders. One in specific was bonded to me the most of all 4. Grape. She would fit under my door so I started wedging it shut with towels and draft stops so she would stop. She would come looking for me, fall asleep with me, jump to me, come to her name, She was just like no other. Today she somehow got under the door even with all of the contraptions. She was found dead and had drowned in the sump pit. I am afraid my other gliders will never be as sweet as she was, and that they will get depressed as well. I'm so torn apart. We buried her in my yard. She was only a about 4 months pop. But she was bonded. How much pain was she in... please help me. I'm a wreck. I want her little personality and company back. That was my best friend.lastnight I was having so much fun with her and showing her off to my friends, my prized possession. Am I going to grieve for a while? Is this like the death of a human where I spend my summer depressed?

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