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Aug 29, 2018

 What are your suggies favorite treats?

My boys love yogurt drops and dried fruits like papaya and coconut. Just curious, since i was gonna get more soon.

Aug 25, 2018

 Can sugar gliders have arugula?

My mom asked me if they could, so i googled it. But i couldn't find anything about it.
May 27, 2018

 Is this normal?

So, ive had my sugar gliders, Lucifer and Nathaniel, for almost four months now. Im a first time sugar glider owner, so i think at first i was a little too scared to handle them a lot since i didnt want to hurt them. Of course i still put them in their bonding pouch, pet them, and gave them treats when they were awake. But, lately ive been handling them a lot more. They dont get too much out of cage playtime. But, every night ill play with them for a while. Ill stick my hand in the cage and have them jump on my arms and run around my arme. They usually get pretty excited to see me, and when i walk in my toom they try to follow me. Nathaniel used to be pretty shy and timid, but hes gotten a lot better. My question is, is it normal for them to bite me when theyre on my arm? Sometimes ill put treats on my arm and then theyll climb on my arm to get it. So are they biting because they think its a treat or is it something else?
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