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Fighting gliders , help !

Jun 26, 2017

 Fighting gliders , help !

I have 5 sugar gliders . 2 neutered males and 3 females Belle Luna and Lilly . Luna absolute hates bell and belle does nothing to provoke her . Luna watches bell and crabs at her and attacks her while they are in their cage . It really concerns me so I have to keep belle and one of my males in the bathroom so belle can get some peace . The fighting really seems to disturb everyone else in the cage . I have no idea why she hates her so much . Will the fighting ever end ? I feel so bad for belle she is such a sweet sugie and just wants peace . Does anyone have any advice on how to get this fighting to stop or why this might be happening ?


Aug 04 2017 : 02:36:39 PM
me and my boyfriend got three surgars not to long ago, our Pie first she was kept in a cage her hole life at her old home and never really handled, she was nibbling our fingers and hissed for the first few days and then she was okay. we got to more Syd and lelo,sisters, Syd and pie bonded right away and always snuggled but Lelo and pie fought and caused Lelo to sleep in a different poun in the cage all alone. We started to take Lelo and pie in a bonding pouch during the day and have them sleep on our laps and all three started to sleep together.after a few weeks they still growled at eachother occasionally..due to our cat killing pie i couldnt tell you if it would work fully but it seemed to be working just having the two together with us.

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