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New sugar glider

Dec 20, 2019

 New sugar glider

Okay, so I got a new sugar glider 2 days ago. I understand the bonding process could take a long time. I just have some questions. Im going to be start a new job in a month or two and I really need her to sleep throughout the day and not the night like she is now. Can I change her sleeping schedule to fit mine because the last thing I want is for her to get depressed and hate her life here. (Side note) Im also looking for a work from home job if anyone knows legitimate ones so I dont have to leave my baby. Besides that Im a little confused. She has only crab at me once for talking too loud. I think I got pretty lucky with her cause she seems genuinely sweet. But the thing is when I try to put her back in her cage from the bonding pouch (which Ive only done once cause my grandparents wanted to see her) she gets out of her cage and runs away from me. When I try to get her back in she nips at me and scurries off; literally is a pain in my *** and time consuming to get her back in. This isnt going to happen when were bonded.. right? As much as I would like her to explore, my room is not sugar glider proof. I have a huge tent that I plan to set up for her with a bunch of toys. Is that good enough until I move in a few months?


Dec 21 2019 : 08:47:29 AM
gliders are noctural, keep light on or room bright during day, she should sleep, feed at 7 or 8 pm. make room darker, I use dim nightlight. but gliders do take LOTS of naps at night, or just say in pouch to groom and relax. best for now, dont let her get out of cage. yes once bonded, you should be able to put out hand and she will walk on it. or maybe even you can pick her up. or scoop her up from the sides. get a treat she likes, yogurt drop or mealworms, that will help you get her in pouch. when putting in cage, put bonding pouch IN cage, then open up and close cage door, get bonding pouch out later after she leaves it.

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