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Not Bonding?

Jun 3, 2018

 Not Bonding?

I have two sugar gliders;
One neutered male I've had for about 2 years now, and one not neutered male I got after the other boy's cage mate passed away.

My issue right now is that they're not bonding to eachother.

They're actually fine with eachother when their cages are side by side (about 3 inches of space in between). They don't get noisy, aggressive or anything. In fact they act super curious and interested in what the other is doing.

The two times I attempted a face to face introduction in the clean bathtub everything went well until the younger boy (not neutered) got a bit too clingy on my other boy's back and he crabbed him away after that. The next time I introduced it ended up the same way, except now my eldest will sometimes run up and pull his tail!

I got a little scared after seeing that and haven't attempted another introduction. I'm ready to buy another large cage if I absolutely can't get them to love eachother, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me?

(Ps. They're bonded to me just fine)


Jun 27 2018 : 03:07:14 PM
Try a new area that neither of them have been before, if thats available. Nuetering the one that isnt nuetered might help a lot as well. Try putting a little piece of fabric in ones pouch to sleep with for a while, then transfer it to the other gliders pouch or somewhere in the cage to help them get used to the scent. I havent tried this myself, but i know scent is important for them. Good luck bonding them!

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