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Feb 17, 2011

 My 1st Kitchen Garden

This isn't really related to sugar gliders, but I felt like sharing.

This is my first year planning, implementing, & managing a kitchen garden. I have about 30 sq. ft. of space plotted out on the small lawn that my landlord has alotted to the little effeciency appartment. :D And even with the garden plot (I'm going to be using raised beds), I'll have pleanty of room for a table, grill, chairs, & summer BBQ's. :D

Yes, my sugar gliders will also be enjoying the bounty gained (though of course I'll be doubly sure that something's ok before feeding). And I'll be attempting to grow everything organically and biodynamically (organic removes the chemicals, biodynamic works with nature).

I'm going to try for some 'cool weather crops' such as root veggies and lettuces (some of my seeds are alreay in their starter soil and I'm impatiently waiting on their little green 'heads') before the summer veggies (plus edible flowers, herbs, & another round of lettuces).

Fingers crossed that everything works out! If someone shows interest I'll post pics & updates (and just might even if no one shows interest, lol). :D

Feb 10, 2011

 LOTS of Barking

Last night was probably the first night of normal activity since Fritz welcomed his two new friends into his colony (Quinn & Nia).

Which I am extreamly thankful for because I was definitly starting to worry about the low levels of activity on the part of all 3 gliders and the subsequent low appetites.

But anyway, to the barking: there were probably 3 boughts of barking last night. And I'm only used to Fritz barking occasionally (usually when he doesn't get his normal out of cage time). This is the first time there has been barking since Nia & Quinn joined the colony.

The first bought of barking woke me up. I went out to investigate (I'm used to the barking stopping after I enter the room). Quinn was on the side of the cage, looking down and barking...non-stop. I had read that some gliders bark if they see a bug they don't like, so I went searching for a spider in their poo tray...nothing. He still would not stop barking. It was the middle of the night so groggy me gave up & went back to bed despite the barking.

A few hours later, I was woken up again. Not sure who was barking this time, but it stopped when one of them left the pouch. Guess maybe who ever was barking was like 'Hey! Now's no time to be sleeping!' lol

Then, the last bought of barking was at 4:30am. And it stopped as soon as I entered the room.

Jan 18, 2011

 Some Musings About the Highest Form of Human Communication

Let's see if I can explain this fully.

I'm a strong believer in...
~ constantly keeping an open mind
~ constantly searching for more knowledge & experience
~ constantly sharing & examinging ideas/beliefs/etc from all viewpoints

I refuse to be 2D. I refuse to be only the tom-boy. I refuse to be only the pretty girl. Because none of these steriotypes (and others) cover EVERY aspect of me. And I'm constantly exploring myself through the exploration of the world around me. And it frustrates the hell out of me when it seems that I'm surrounded by people who are close minded, only think that their opinions are right, only think about themselves, only think one way, and allow themselves to be categorized into a steriotype!

To me, the best way to learn about different points of views is to discuss/debate in a peaceful/mature/intellegent manner someone who believes something completely different than you.

Sadly, it is near impossible to find someone who's capable of that high level of intelectual conversation. Most people get angry, don't listen, and only care about shoving their beliefs down your throat. Yet, how is that productive? How is that learning? How is that proactive? Sounds like a mindless lecture to me.

Guess what, there is absolutely no way that EVERYONE is going to agree 100% about EVERYTHING. It's impossible. We all think differently. We all have different experiences. We all have different bases of knowledge. We all had different mential/emotional/physical/spiritual capasities. We have all different needs & wants. And I could go on.

So why can't we handle these differences like curious, mature adults and learn more about the world around us & within us in the process?

How is it productive to continiously argue (which in this context is different then a debate)?

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if we could just take a chill pill, take a step back, & be able to enter into a mature, intellegent, & open minded discussion about everything we disagreed about? Oh, wait, that won't happen because that would be the start of world peace!

Excuse the rant. Sometimes I get frustrated & need to let it out.
Jan 14, 2011

 Not sure about the responce....

Ok, so I really enjoy being apart of this community & greatly respect the opinions and advice provided. I love the change to make an educated decision for myself.

So, with that said, I'm not sure how many of you will take my most recent blog post.

Please don't take it as a personall offence to any of you. But I am a woman of my word & I did promise Virgil & Adam that if they were able to take care of my concerns to my satisfaction that I would post a public appology with a full explination.

So I'm asking that you don't get angry or offended. I'd rather not get shunned as I do greatly value what's achievable here.

And from now on I will avoid the topic of PPP, for the sake of peace. Though if any of you would like to discuss it with me, please send me a PM & I'll be happy to do so. But I'd rather avoid a huge public argument as I have a feeling that it could get ugly.
Jan 13, 2011

 Update on PPP Contacting Me About My Review of Them

As some of you may know, my local rep from PPP called me two night ago. I lost signal & the call was dropped just as we were getting to the meat of things. He called back & left a message that all but accused me of hanging up on him.

Then, yesterday afternoon I get an email from Virgil himself with a LONG letter attachment. This basically accused me of slandar & said that the ASGV was made up of over 700 vets & that the registration of the ASGV under PPP was a frodulent registration by one of the 'zealots' on the forum. He also made sure that I realized that he's not trying to call me a bad person just that my slanderous post is illegal.

I calmly wrote a reply email telling him that the post was a review based of my personal experiences with his company, which is a common practice among customers of numerous comapnies & therefore not slandar. And that I never actually accused PPP myself of being a bill breeder/broker & fraudulent. Just that they have been accused by others. I even mentioned in the post that I had yet to see conclusive proof (that would hold up in court). I also layed out the red flags that made me suspicious that I personally experienced with his company.

Then, I closed with 2 statements: 1) I would love to continue this discussion peacefully & intellegently with him, 2) if he convinces me that the claims of their fraudulence are false that I would write an appology post explaining my change of heart, & 3) that I was insulted that both he & my local rep accused me of rudely hanging up mid sentence the night previous.

Hm, now waiting on a reply or counter action from him/PPP. I would prefer this to be taken care of peacefully & without the need for a court. But if they truly want to fight it & attempt to sink their teath into me, can I count on the help of this community?

Alone we're easy prey. Together, however, is another story. If they want to make this into a fight, I'll give them a fight. But I cannot win alone. I just don't have the resources. Will I be able to create damage? Yes, but not enough.
Jan 11, 2011

 I'm Ashamed of Unethical Businesses & Con Artists Who Call Themselves Sales People

I believe strongly in a free market. I believe that it will work best for everyone who strives in the long run. I believe I can run my life better than any governing body can (though they do serve their purpose).

I believe strongly that humanity (as a whole) is good at heart. Yes, I'm an optimist by nature. But I see proof almost everyday.

So what riles me is when there are unscrupulus people who take advantage. How is it possible to run a successful (in the long term) business by being unethical & taking the cheep way out?

My immediate family took over a small business. The orriginal owners liked to take the cheep way out: we don't. We've been able to grow that same business to where it is now over 5x the size that it was. How? 1) good business sence; 2) good marketing skills, & 3) honest business practices.

So as someone who considers herself a business woman who gew up surrounded by a healthy business, unethical/shoddy business practices feel like a personal insult.

Another thing that feels like a personal insult is when someone who THINKS they are in sales uses 'tricks' and 'lies' to build their commission. Those are not real sales people.

Real Sales People are supposed to be truly knowledgable so they can help solve whatever 'problem' that brought you to them. This builds good business. This builds a healthy commission over time. This is something I thought was common sence because I grew up around it. And I get insulted whenever someone uses so-called 'sales tricks' or 'lies' on me.

And what's worse is that this time, when a life of another living creature was involved, I FELL FOR TRICKS & LIES! Even after all of the warning signs, all the red flags; I fell for the 'professionalism' & 'experience' of a company of con artists: Pocket Pets.

They are NOT sales people. They are NOT a business. They are a GANG of CON ARTISTS that prey on the uninformed. And I will do my best to make sure that they & others like them have to fight to keep their foothold in my area.

I will do so civily. I will do so by spreading the word to anyone I talk to about Sugar Gliders. I will do so by writing a stern, informative, & civil letter to my local malls, fairs, etc. If they try to scare me off like they have done in the past with others, that is when I'll bring out 'the big guns'.

That is when they'll realize that they conned the wrong sales woman, the wrong business woman, the wrong animal lover, the wrong friggin American-Irish Red Head! That is when my local government represenatives will be notified of vialated consumer rights. That is when I'll notify organizations that are good at causing a ruckus like PETA. That is when I'll use all of my skills and connections.

Ok, rant over. lol

P.S. to any PPP or other mill broker/breeder represenative that might read this: I hope you clean up your act and learn that an honest business does better than a 'business' based off of lies. Please share this with your boss's boss.
Jan 8, 2011

 The Transition from Glide R Chow to HPW

I just ordered the Bee Pollen & High Protein Wombaroo powder (SP?) today. So while I'm waiting on that, I'm going to start the gradual transition from PPP's Glide R Chow for Fritz.

Step 1: Introduction of Fruit Smoothie -

He's tasted it & seemed to like it. I'll also give him some tonight in his kitchen.

Tonight I'm mixing Step 1 & Step 2:

Step 2: Introduction of Veggie/Fruit Mix -

I'll also leave him some Glide R Chow, an apple slice w/Glide R Mins, & a bit of boiled egg so he has his choice. I want to keep this gradual so he doesn't stress too much and actually eats.

Next Step: Removal of Dry Glide R Chow - This is when I'll remove the apple, Glide R Chow, egg, & Glide R Mins from the cage entirely. This is for night #2. In it's place, I'll provide PPP's Emergency Rescue Mix (Glide R Mins, Boiled Egg with Shell, Honey, Glide R Chow, & warm water) in addition to the Fruit Smoothie and Fruit Veggie Mix). He's already had the Emergency Mix before, so this should be a good transition.

This step is the one I'll keep him on until the supplies for the actual HPW mix arrive. Then, that will be provided along with the Emergency Mix, Fruit Smoothie, & the Fruit/Veggie Mix. This step will last for a few days before I remove the Emergency Mix & all trace of Glide R Chow.

Once I know he's completely transfered over, I'll provide a small amount of Glide R Chow plus a slice of apple and a bit of boiled egg during the day in case he get's hungry.

What do you think? Do you think this is a good plan for a smooth transition to a new diet?
Jan 5, 2011

 Upcoming Projects

1: a few new pouches for various uses
~ in a purse
~ variation of a bonding pouch
~ a bra pouch
~ a sleeping pouch/hammock/etc

2: a new custom cage (larger, warmer, more interactive...we'll see how creative I can get)

3: felt coverings for the new cage plus his travel cage(also, I need to get a small space heater)

4: find where I can get a large & collapsible mesh travel cage I once saw for reptiles that would be a great addition to travel accessories (esp. when backpacking)

5: get everything I need & make a large batch of HPW (sp?) & fruit/veggie/yogurt smoothies to act as frozen treats in straws

This should make Fritz a spoiled & happy Glider :D plus any additions to the family that come along.


Pics will be collected in my main album until its time for an update post! :D
Jan 5, 2011

 Introducing Myself & Li'l Fritz :D

Hi! We're new here so I thought that I'd introduce us.

That's Fritz. He's aprox 8mo old now and a big lover of life. His favorite activities are wrestling (with either fingers or ears), exploring any new places, scaring off larger animals (he even took on a 90lb German Shepard before I could interviene, lol), and eating pretty much anything he can get his li'l hands on.

Disclaimer: I'm about to seriously upset a lot of you. Yes, I adopted Fritz from PPP. Don't kill/sue/yell at me. I didn't know (and while they're not the best, I don't believe they're Evil as a lot of their info meshes with yours). Thankfully everything has worked out fine. Yes, he has been on their Glide R Chow (hense why he gets boild egg & other 'treats'reguarlly). I'm currently researching a better option (for all of those who helped me in the Chat room lasst night, THANKS for all of the links. They'll help alot!) Yes, I'm also currently equiped with the standard PPP cage, but am looking into a larger cage (esp. since it looks like I'll be rescuing a small family of neglected gliders).

Now that's out of the way, lol. I will be asking a lot of questions as i'm tired of getting cookie cutter answers from PPP & like to start my research by getting the opinions of others. I love Fritz & want him to be healthy, happy, & live a long & fulfilled life.

Have Fun & I'll ttyl!


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