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Jul 9, 2018

 Diet Questions (New user not yet a sugar glider owner)

Hi, I am a new user on glider gossip. I found d this helpful with answering questions about bonding with a sugar glider and decided it would be worth while to join to get other peoples perspectives on sugar glider care. I am having trouble figuring out the best diet for two sugar gliders. I have looked at the Wombaroo diet, the BML diet and the different forms of the HPW diets. I was set on Wombaroo for a bit, but Im starting to think that Id rather have something that doesnt use pre made ingredients other than for nectar. I was hoping for some answers on that as well as this. When you have to blend a diet and put it in the freezer, I know you have to let it thaw a bit before giving it to your sugar gliders. What if I am in a rush and dont have time to let it thaw, could I potentially move it along a bit faster by microwaving it? Would that affect the mixture in a negative way at all? Im really interested to hear any and all answers!

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