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Mar 7, 2017


So i have 6 sugar glider (3 girls 3 boys) One of my females that i have just got a few months ago I've been trying my hardest to bond with her but its hard to squeeze in an 1 or 1 1/2 to hold them with out them crawling all over you and she's pregnant which i think is why she keeps crabbing at me from her bag and trying to strike but at night she's so sweet and shy and loves me but i can't hold her much at night because i have school and she doesn't get up till late... And the male thats with her is my favorite little boy (turtle) he's really sweet but he has to move he can't sit still so its hard to hold him and I've tried bonding with them using there bag but it doesn't seem to be helping cause the female bites me and crabs and won't stop till i move my hand out and when i use a different bag to bond with the male it still doesn't seem to work right....

Any techniques for bonding... should i try and squeeze an hour of bonding time in....


Apr 01 2017 : 12:11:40 AM
I have never had a Glider, but am looking to get one. I would suggest contacting the person you got them from. They would probably have the best advice for you.

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