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Possible Special Needs Glider?

Feb 27, 2020

 Possible Special Needs Glider?

So, recently one of my gliders got sick, in a less than optimal time. Ive had them for over a year now (2, 1 male one female the male is neutered) and at the beginning I was set up for them then life just gut punched me and now were here and its been tight. And then my glider gets sick, pretty positive it was dehydration, the ball in his bottle got stuck and the female is protective of the food. For the past 3 days Ive been nursing him back to health and overall hes doing much better. What I can say is he almost wasnt here and May have had a seizure while I was dropping pedialyte for him. But I comforted and made sure if he thought it was his time, it was ok, now the only residing symptoms is weakness and oddly, trancing out. Heres what I mean. Lately hes been just stopping what hes doing, blank staring for a few moments and then resuming his previous activity. Why? I dont know, this didnt happen before. His strength is slowly returning, its the trances that are scaring me. Any ideas? Thanks.


Mar 04 2020 : 01:28:06 PM
Where he was weak, he might be scared of possible predators. He knows that he won't be able to run, so if he senses anything, he might freeze up to protect himself. A lot of joeys will freeze up if they're scared because they are too weak to fight off any predators. Of course there are no predators in your home, but because gliders are on the bottom of the food chain, they are scared of anything that have not learned to trust. It could be from any slight movement he sees or sounds he hears. (My gliders are weary of my phone for instance). That is the only possible explanation I can think of it.

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