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Feb 3, 2016

 Is This A Pouch Infection?

I have a glider named Phoebe and as long as I can remember her fur around her pouch has always been darker, like her pouch was leaking something or she was licking it. I didn't know if this was normal because my only other glider is a boy, so I recently took her to the vet where they did a swab and looked at it. They said they found some bacteria cells so they prescribed her a medicine that I have been actively giving her but its now looking any better. This was my first time going to this vet so I don't how experienced they really are, but I was recommended to this vet so that's why I went. I'm going to add some pictures I took of her pouch, and on some I'm pulling it open a bit so its not just normally open like that, but on one of them its just normal. Please reply if you can help me figure out if I'm just over reacting or if its really a pouch infection. Any help is appreciated!

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