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Feb 19, 2012

 I'm only me, you get what you see.

Well, I'm not even sure of what to say. I guess this is a warning label, of sorts.

Yes, I can come across as mean. I won't use 'bad' words. :P But think of it this way.. I try to help out on here, via personal emails I get DAILY, and on multiple FB pages, one of which has 14 thousand viewers.

I've gotten tired of sugar coating things. I'd rather be blunt/honest/straight forward and help the glider and have the owner's feelings a bit hurt than sugar coat things to save the owner a bit of butt hurt. If you can't handle that you probably shouldn't be on the internet.

Honestly, too many of these people don't bother to do so much as ONE google search on gliders before diving in because they're oh-so cute. If hearing the straightforward truth hits home and hurts their feelings in the process, I'm fine with it. If they can't take honesty and get too scared and run and hide.. well why in the hell are they on a forum in the first place? This is the internet, it isn't candyland. Everyone isn't going to be sweet and sugary. You're opening yourself up to truth here, you should expect no less.

Now -- For those of you who do bother to take the time to get to know me.. I know how you feel. I know those people who truly know me REALLY do like me. Some more than others.. I can be difficult, but we all have our quirks.

Believe me, I truly do care about these little fuzzbutts. I love them and I HATE seeing the awful things that happen to them daily due to the misinformation out there, the impulse buyers, etc.. If you bother to get to know me.. you'll understand better.

I am a true friend, I protect those close to me. But once crossed.. I can and WILL be vicious. I don't take kindly to slander, rumors or that kind of thing. If you EVER have a problem with me, hear something you aren't sure about, see something you worry about.. whatever the heck it is.. If you have a problem with me.. COME TO ME. I am MORE than happy to discuss it with you, expose the truth for what it is and be as honest as I can. I won't attack you, I won't slander you and I won't bash you. I'm more than happy to answer any questions whenever I can.. about sugar gliders.. or myself.

The end! :P

Dec 8, 2011

 Moving.. Ah, I'm tired now!

I just wanted to give a head's up.

I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. In June I moved down to Tampa, Florida to help out some family. We needed to stay with them to help out for medical reasons.. So, I quit my job, we packed our stuff up and drove ourselves and our fuzzies to Tampa, Florida to help them out. Well, long story short.. things didn't go as planned, promises were broken, we lost a LOT of money(and ended up wasting more on a car that was supposed to have been maintained) and eventually I came to the conclusion that it isn't healthy for us to be staying here. Mostly on an emotional level. Thankfully my parents have a rather large house in the Racine area and they're willing to take myself and all the fuzzies in until we can get back on our feet, job/house-wise. So now, December, I'm moving back to stay with my parents for a while to get things started back on the right track. Eventually I'll be looking for another place of my own in the Milwaukee County area, more likely than not.

So, moral of the story is.. We were in Wisconsin, then Florida, and now back to Wisconsin. We will stay in Wisconsin. I learned my lesson in this, family is indeed family, but sometimes you have to put yourselves before even family to keep your sanity and health.

Here's hoping everything goes well with the move next week.

Thanks for reading. <3
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