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Oct 25, 2010

 Sigh. Diets, why are you so hard to pick from?

Well. I have tried almost every diet I could find that was decent. Sure enough, I was bonded to a VERY picky sugar glider.

To sum it up-

Things he likes: Watermelon, Grapes.

Yes. Those two things. So I looked around the organic isle of my store, and found a few interesting things.

Wheat germ, and Steel cut oats.

This made me get creative. So here is my trial diet I fed him that he ACTUALLY EATS, and will be verifying it with a vet to be sure its a good diet.

In one bowl (I named the calcium bowl) Two teaspoons of Plain ol' yogurt, three teaspoons of Wheat Germ, Two teaspoons of the Steel cut oats (Red barn brand), blueberries, bananas, and a few meal worms to get him interested. I mixed this all together and it makes a nice chunky paste.

In the other bowl (Named the Protein bowl/Phosphorous) I put two hard boiled eggs in(Sliced up), Two teaspoons of Apple sauce, Two teaspoons of steal cut oats, Three Teaspoons of Wheat Germ, corn, and meal worms. Also mixed up to make a chunky paste.

Both bowls include vitamins, and a bit of glider nectar.

Another bowl contains fresh fruit. (You can use whatever you wish.)

The other has a type of glider kibble from SunCoast Gliders.

I do not mind suggestions, but do not post with the intent of telling me I am wrong, doing it wrong etc. I was tired of the diet fights, and decided to make my own diet.

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