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HELP I fell inlove with two pocket pets

Mar 16, 2017

 HELP I fell inlove with two pocket pets

So I recently fell inlove with two pocket pets, who have now come to be known as cricket and bug. I adore them. Buying into the pocket pet hype and buying them everything I thought they could want or need only to find out most of the stuff is not good. So I've come here in hopes of being directed in the right direction.
I've purchase the double standing critter nation cage and they have tons of toys. Plus I'm a seamstress so tons and tons of cute bedding. And I have replaced the whodent wheel as well.
My real issue is coming down to diet, I think I have decided to go with the hpw diet which is what most people seem to recommend(I've read almost every article I can find). So of course I have the pocket pets gravy which I have read is very similar to the hpw diet however my babies don't like it. I was wondering if I should try the hpw premixed or if I should buy the ingredient separately and mix it. Since I can't find the wambaroo mix I have found a recipe which I would love to run by you knowledgable people.
1/4 cup ZooPro High Protein Supplement (see below) (use 1/2 cup if feeding to lactating female gliders), 2 - cups warm water, 1 1/2 cup honey, 1 tablespoon Bee Pollen (see below), 1/4 teaspoon Glider Booster (see below), 1/4 teaspoon Glider-Cal (see below) and 3 cooked scrambled eggs.
I would like to make sure this is okay before purchasing more that can't be used.
I am also curious about mixed fruit gumivore-fare which I have heard is good for their fur.
Any help would be appreciated


Mar 17 2017 : 10:00:36 AM
I am by no means an expert..but I got my OHPW from the pampered glider. And these are the salad mixtures I'm using. It was pointed out to me, however, it's important for your vet to know you're feeding the OHPW diet because the bee pollen will show up as a parasite on a fecal test.

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