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My gliders won't make baby's

Jan 24, 2017

 My gliders won't make baby's

Hi my name is Shawn I have been a glider daddy for two years now to my boy mac and my girl Bella now they are at the age were they would be making baby's but it seems that my boy has no interest and i don't know what I should do he still has his Pom and I feel that I am feeding them a good diet ( Purcella price ) and I switch it up every 6 months with the( suggie soup ) if you have any insight please let me know thank you


Jan 29 2017 : 10:55:12 AM
Hello Shawn. It's difficult to know why glider do not have joeys sometimes. If they are well fed, are not stressed and that their cage is big enough, there should not be any problems. One thing to considere though is that they may have joeys and lose them each time for a reason or another (some couples are known to systematically eat their joeys in pouch, there can be multiple reasons for it such as inbreeding if the parents are related or simply because they cconsidere the conditions are not right to raise them.

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