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Jun 8, 2015

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Jul 5, 2014


I put a new stuffed animal in Miss Leela's house, it was rather big but she loved it, however i moved it and had it to close to her running wheel causing her wheel to not move. She was not pleased!! and i couldn't tell why, she was doing laps around her house ending with jumping on her wheel to try to free it up but it wasn't working. Once i realized it wasn't moving i opened the door to move the stuffed animal and out Leela came!! i was a little worried she'd bolt but she didn't, she went around on the outside of her house... i didn't want to scare her so i offered her the bonding pouch and to my surprise she went right in!! i was so proud of her!! fortunately there were a few cheerios in her pouch which i had forgotten about, she found immediately lol so she got rewarded for being so good.

later on after i feel asleep she started doing laps in her house again Darrin couldn't figure out what was wrong, then he noticed her bonding pouch wasn't in her hammock (i usually put it in there for her in case she gets cold)so he put it up to the side and she started pulling it in between the bars lol. He finally got it put inside her cage and she was happier!

This morning she decided she didn't want to be in her pouch.. she discovered my sweatshirt sleeve!! Thank god she has gotten better about not biting lol she played in my sleeve for about a half hour then snuggled in next to my arm for a nap. guess i'm not doing dishes till later lol
Jun 26, 2014


Bonding...Day 1 One nip on my finger in her pouch she went !! So far so good shes sleeping sound as long as i don't unzip my sweatshirt lol. She has been very good about taking applesauce off my finger tips and took some mango from my fingers using her hands today :)

Bonding Day 2! Made her a new pouch this morning, she seems to like much better and doesn't seem to mind my bad stitch work lol Much less fuss today to get her in the pouch not that there was much yesterday. And We decided on a name..... Leela. I did some youtube searching and found the easiest way for me to pick her up is flipping the bonding bag inside out and using it like an oven mit, gently picking her up and holding her kind of cupped then flipping the rest of the bag over her voillaaaaa she's in her bonding pouch no fuss no muss!! more importantly no biting or crabbing. She feels more secure an i feel more confident!

good morning Miss Leela !! Day 3 begins:) No crabbing at all! no nipping!! shes getting used to my hands and loving to be petted this morning she gets scrambled eggs for a treat and applesauce of course!!

Eggs were a huge success!!

Bonding Day 4 So far all is going according to plan! lol Today Leela and i are working on being held in my hands She doesn't seem to be afraid of our hands at all now, Even Darrins monster hands lol putting His tshirt on top of her house is helping her to bond with Him even though He hasn't been home to handle her very much. She's not afraid to take applesauce from his finger though she nibbles on his finger too lol not really a bite but like wheres the rest of it? kind of nibble.

Last night was the first time i saw her stretch out and show her "wings" i was so excited i forgot to take pics lol

yesterday and today i have noticed Leela is seeking out my hand under the pouch rather than avoiding my hand. She is also hanging out more at the top of the pouch now where the netting is and seems to like to snuggle into me if my hand isn't on the bottom of her pouch. Making pretty good progress!:)