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May 1, 2019

 Long Term Traveling?

Hey everyone! So I'm looking into getting my two little gliders within the next two months or so and have everything minus food ready, but I'm not sure about what to do when traveling?

I'm going to be visiting family in another country for about 20 days in December and unfortunately have no way of bringing them along without making them too uncomfortable or stressing my mom out too much. Is it okay if I have a friend come by each late afternoon and switch out the food? I'd have her carry a piece of fleece around for a month or so prior to leaving to put in the cage so they recognize her, and I'd leave two water bottles plus a water-gel tray for them, all she'd do is come by maybe just as the sun goes down to take out the old tray and put a new one with food. I'm gonna be following the TPG Exotic Diet (with frozen cubes, one per glider daily and all that jazz) but still leave very specific instructions for her. I'm mostly concerned for how long they'd be alone at home together (just the gliders, not my friend), is that too long and I should just wait to get them till after the trip? Or is that okay?

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