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Dec 28, 2018

 Bonding Help, please!!!

Hello everyone! I am new to this site so I am hoping some of you can really help me out. I have owned gliders in the past but honestly never knew what I was doing. Years later and a ton more research, I am confident that I'm doing things the right way this time. I just recently brought home two 3 month olds. A boy and a girl. My daughter just turned 9 and she is really bonding with her boy. The female which is mine is a different story. She is always crabbing, everything I do she crabs at. She is currently sleeping in my bra and she is quiet, but she always crabs when I peek in. I am trying to give her space but it just seems she hates me. I am getting a bit discouraged. I'm not trying to force myself on her but I do want her to trust me so I do keep her with me in her pouch during the day. She never gets upset when she's in her cage and I feed her at night. it's just during the day when she's in my pouch she's just cranky. Any help would be appreciated. thank you all for taking the time to read. Happy New Year!

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