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Sep 19, 2018

 Suggie moving around in his bonding pouch

I have had my suggie for 4 days now and he seems to be scared of me still which is completely understandable. He isn't scared enough to crab while I'm petting him and putting my hand near him but if I pick him up he tries to run. If I put him in the bonding pouch he is extremely upset and he WILL start to crab like he wants to be left alone. I came to the conclusion that I should put the bonding pouch inside the cage so he would fall asleep in it and I could just zip it up in the later afternoon so we can have bonding time. I gently took his pouch out and zipped it and he started crabbing for about 2 minutes but then it seemed like he fell asleep. The only thing i'm worried about it he wakes up and crabs for a few seconds and positions himself differently. Am I going to affect his sleeping schedule? Am I doing this wrong? Some times it almost feels like hes kicking the side of the pouch. :( Please help and tell me if I'm doing this whole bonding process wrong.

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