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Jan 10, 2018

 Help with joey

My pair had 2 babies. They were doing great or so i thought. I had to bring them from my lanai to inside due to cold weather. They were still okay however i cgecked on them yesterday and one of my babies had been mostly eaten. Yhe other had a nip. I took her our. Made sure she was warm. Fed ger with a dropper. She is very very spunky. I put her back with mom and dad but didnt sleep much and kept checking them. Mom let her nurse. This morning she was alone so i fed her etc. She is still spunky. Dad was acting very odd so i let him go back to his large cage since its waem again and baby is snuggled mostly in moms pouch and she is holding her tight and nursing her. I am hand feeding mom while she is with baby. Should i let the male back in with them? I am nervous. My baby is about 3-4 weeks out of pouch. The last set died before the eyes opened.

Please help.

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