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Sugar glider Lack of energy. Please please help me.

Aug 9, 2022

 Sugar glider Lack of energy. Please please help me.

I am absolutely obsessed with my babies. When it comes to money or time both resources are plentiful in the care of my sugar gliders. Please hear me out.

There only symptom really is lack of awake time. And perhaps over grooming although there is no physical indication of this. As in they seem to be over grooming, but there are no missing patches of fur.

Im used to my boys waking up around 8 PM and playing hard in the cage until maybe five. But as of recently both boys seem to be only awake
for maybe two or three hours a day at the most.

Of course I already brought them to the vet for an evaluation, she said that they both seem to have a fever but really no further information was given. They are on a 10 day course of antibiotics, were on day five currently. But I have yet to see any improvement.

Ive been dismissed before, because the boys are eating, they are drinking, their poop and pee is good. They physically look well but I know my boys and something is not right.

They have a staple diet, I followed the cage requirements to a tee, double critter nation packed full of forging toys and multiple sleeping options.

Room is at 74 degrees. I keep the cage very clean in order to promote health. I could go on and on, my point is that I have genuinely given them all of the things to be happy and healthy.

So what is going on? Im losing my mind over here and Im scared to death that something is wrong. Please please, if anyone on here has an additional information I would so much appreciate that.


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