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Feel Lost

Aug 30, 2021

 Feel Lost

Im feeling lost lately. I have two female sugar gliders, one that is 4 years old (Popi) and one that is 1 year old (Taz). Ive had Popi almost her entire life, she had cage mate for over two years but the unfortunately she passed away. Popi was alone for a little while while I tried to find her a new buddy but now she wont let the new baby into her cage. I had them separated for a couple days to acclimate and then gradually introduced them. They do amazing outside the cage but the minute Taz gets into Popis cage, Popi will chase her and try to fight her. Im so lost because Im afraid Im not doing right by either of them. Please help.


Aug 31 2021 : 10:08:46 AM
It takes time. Keep trying to introduce them. Idk how long you have been trying to introduce them. How are you going about doing it? Do you have their cages next to or on top of one another? Thats what I have read to do. But I think the rest depends on their time. If you have a Facebook account join the group Mama Biares Sugar Gliders. It is a small group with people who know a good bit about sugar babies. Maybe someone in there can help more. Im actually trying to get my male Loki and my boyfriends newest girl Lily introduced but we dont live with one another so that will take a long time. He also has two other females whom are bonded. They still fight sometimes, but nothing bad. Good luck! Hope I could help in some way.




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