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Jun 2, 2008

 Podo and Kodo

:) I finally got home last night at about 10:45pm with our suggies!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! The wait has almost been unbearable. They did great on the long drive home (a little over 6 hrs). Podo (neut. male) crabbed at me once while giving them water but than they both drank away!! The female is a sweet little thing! She nipped at me a couple of times but not hard at all and only b/c when I went to put them in the cage she escaped (not knowing me so well) and I had to try to get her in w/o grabbing her but trying to get her to climb on my hand. She hasn't crabbed once at me! The male is a little crabby but once he gets out of the pouch he is fine! When we went to pick them up the breeder let us play with them and they were all over us. They are very friendly and you can tell they have been well taken care of! Their parents and all of her 15 gliders are so healthy and their cages so clean! :) I am very satisfied with this breeder. I absolutely love my babies! They kept me all night barking and banging around in the cage! haha they love their set that I have in there currently (the flour. pink and green frog set). I am waiting until Wednesday to start the bonding process so they can get use to everything! They are so much more adorable in person! :)

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