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Skinny sugar glider??

Mar 11, 2024

 Skinny sugar glider??

Hello! Im new to owning sugar gliders and I just got my first two gliders five days ago. I got one neutered male whos about 4-5 months old and a female thats 9 months. Theyve been good about eating there food that my breeder set there diet on(OHPW), but they will not eat any fruits or veggies, which is part of there diet. My female feels a lot more boney than my male. I have nothing to weigh them with, but just wanted to know if its normal for a girl to feel a little more boney vs a male? Im sure my breeder would have never sent me my gliders if something is visible wrong, but Im not sure. Shes a lot more scared I can tell. Im able to pet her and handle her decently well without her biting or even attempting to bite, but I know that she must still be very stressed and scared. Both my gliders also dont seem to wake up a lot at night. I sometimes wake them up but even then they might crawl in there pouches again. I have seen them out and I see them drink and eat well other than there fruits and veggies. My main concern is if its normal for a girl to feel more boney. She doesnt look boney, but when I pet her she feels like it. Heres a few pictures of them if it helps at all? She is a little lighter than my male but I heard that males are a little heavier than females.


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